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“Decorative Concrete”

Terrazzi Decorative Concrete
Residential & Commercial Concrete Flooring
Remodeling with Concrete Floor Polished Finish

Terrazzi Decorative Concrete Finish

We specialize in concrete floor coatings to bring a touch of luxury and elegance to your space. Our featured product combines the timeless beauty of polished concrete with a wide range of captivating colors. Explore the possibilities with our superb concrete coatings.

Here’s what you can expect:

We bring you the innovation of beautiful polished concrete with Terrazzi. Architects, builders, and designers often turn to polished concrete to attain a modernistic appearance in commercial and home spaces. Terrazzi is an excellent option when looking for modern concrete design , indoors and out.

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Lubbock Texas

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Unlimited Color Combinations

We understand that customization is vital. That’s why our concrete floor coatings offer unlimited color combinations. Choose from various hues and shades to create a unique and personalized look according to your style and vision.


Concrete floors are trending. Customers appreciate the durability of concrete with active families and pets.

Trends changing, so it’s advisable to install functional flooring that meet your needs for longevity and aesthetics. Working with a reputable remodeling company will help you incorporate interesting trends while achieving a fully-customized installation tailored for your preferences.

Modern Concrete Design

Our concrete floor coatings offer a modern and stylish design that complements various settings, including homes, offices, retail spaces, and more. These are well-suited for high-end properties as their appearance is sleek and sophisticated.

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Lubbock's Residential Decorative Concrete
Lubbock Texas Polished Floor Finish by Texas Diamondback
Decorative Concrete Near Me

Tenacious Hybrid Coatings

Our coatings are built to last. The products provide exceptional durability and resilience as they Utilize advanced hybrid technology. They are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasions, and other wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful finish. 

Increase Property Value

Did you know you can increase the value of your home? Polished concrete is in use in some of the most trendy and aesthetically pleasing building projects around the world. Upgrading your homes flooring is an excellent investment that you will not regret.

Improving your floors in the house can also help you sell your home down the road. Top renovation, remodeling, and home improvement projects that can increase your homes value must include the home flooring.

Transforming Old Concrete

Into Beautiful A Surface

Commercial Polished Concrete

Superior Abrasion Resistance

Say goodbye to worries about scuffs and scratches. Our concrete coatings offer superior abrasion resistance, maintaining their pristine appearance even in high-traffic areas. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your floors will remain stunning for years.

Interior and Exterior

Our concrete coatings are not limited to indoor spaces. They are equally suitable for exterior applications, adding sophistication to outdoor areas such as patios, walkways, and pool decks. Enhance the beauty of your interior and exterior spaces with our versatile coatings.

Unlimited Color Combinations

We understand that customization is vital. That’s why our concrete floor coatings offer unlimited color combinations. Choose from various hues and shades to create a unique and personalized look according to your style and vision.

Commercial & Residential

Whether you need to enhance your commercial space’s aesthetics or transform your home’s interior, our concrete floor coatings are suitable for commercial and residential applications. Elevate your environment’s look and feel with our premium coating solutions.

About Our Company

Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing in Lubbock Texas. Our talented team members have many years experience with wood working, cabinet building, countertop creating, trim, moulding, painting and more. At Texas Diamondback we specialize with concrete flooring, concrete staining, resurfacing and kitchen countertops.

We believe that good designs and good relationships come with collaboration with our customers and other building professionals.

At our company, we take pride in our team of highly trained professionals. Our service men and women possess the expertise and skillset to deliver flawless results. We’ll ensure a smooth and seamless application with our meticulous attention to detail and process.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to provide top-notch concrete floor coatings to meet your expectations.

Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing is excited about being part of your project, big or small, and helping you achieve your creative goals.

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We offer free in-home estimates to help you visualize your space’s transformation. Our experts will assess your requirements, provide professional guidance, and offer an accurate estimate tailored to your project.

Experience the beauty and durability of our concrete floor coatings. Let us help you create a stunning, inviting space that leaves a lasting impression. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home estimate and embark on the journey to a luxurious and polished concrete look.

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