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Concrete Floor Coatings, Concrete Staining and Resurfacing Products. Kitchen Countertop Epoxy Resurfacing. Bathtub Reglazing and Refinishing.  The many benefits of renovating your home include the most obvious, increased home value. In addition, personalizing or adding to you living space gives you and your family the sense of more comfort and satisfaction.

Lubbock Texas Home & Commercial Resurfacing
Custom Designs & Colors for Countertops and Concrete Staining

Discover the affordable options & latest technology available for Kitchen & Bathroom coatings. We offer exclusive refinishing designs that you help customize, giving your Kitchen & Bathroom a look all your own. Kitchen countertops in Lubbock TX do not have to be boring, or expensive. Explore our selection of colors for both countertops and floors. With the best quality coatings and professional installation we create a look that exudes confidence and charm. Choose colors that compliment your home décor and accents. Elevate your Kitchen & Bath in Lubbock TX with the perfect blend of color and design. 


Solvent Concrete Sealers are designed for exterior use. Excellent for Lubbock Patios, Walkways, Pool Decks, and Driveways. Our Concrete Sealers provide superior protection and resistance to chemicals, de-icing salts, saltwater pool corrosion as well as the weather elements.   

Durable Stamped Concrete Coatings

Professional grade concrete sealers are ideal for stamped concrete. It is important to protect your stamped concrete from saltwater pool systems, moisture damage, freeze and thaw effects and chemical drips and damage.    


Outdoor Living Space & Decor

Texas Diamondback Outdoor Kitchens & Custom Countertops create a look and feel that is one of a kind for your outdoor living space. Shop our unlimited options for your outdoor kitchen. Check out our Fire Pit Tables with custom Texas Tech Red Raider artwork designs. 

Your outdoor living space in Lubbock TX should be beautiful but also functional. The right selection of décor and kitchen designs make your entertaining area in your patio, backyard or pool deck a great addition to your home and your homes value.

Fire Pit Tables

Shop our custom propane Fire Pit Tables. Concrete fire pit tables with rock edge designs. Unique art designs created with acrylic cement for ultimate durability, inside and out. Fire pit table burner is 24″ x 8″ rectangular stainless steel includes protective glass wind shield. Ask about our custom artwork designs for a one of a kind fire pit that is all your own. 

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Countertop & Bathtub Projects

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertop Remodeling in Lubbock Texas. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can be costly with new countertops, cabinets and flooring. Our countertops provide an option that is both beautiful and cost effective. Saving you thousands of dollars. From exotic stonequartzgranite and Italian marble. Hybrid countertops are both durable and gorgeous. Best of all No tear out costs. We resurface over Formica, MDF, Granite and even old tile counters. Sign up today for a Free Estimate.

Current Trends for Kitchen Countertops

Trends keep changing, so it’s advisable to install functional kitchen & bathroom countertops that meet your needs for longevity and aesthetics. Working with a reputable remodeling company will help you incorporate interesting trends while achieving a fully-customized installation tailored for your preferences.

Bathtub Reglazing & Bathroom Updates

Resurfacing bathtubs is an excellent option for updating your bathroom space. Refinishing a porcelain tub can resolve a wide variety of issues with beautiful success. Common problems with bathtubs include rust and chip damage.  

A much needed change of color is another great reason bathtub reglazing is an excellent choice. Porcelain bathtub refinishing is quick and affordable.

Bathtubs installed a few years ago were often chosen in colors that are now considered outdated. Yellow, blue, and green bathtubs are no longer in style and will turn off buyers when it is time to sale your home. Reglazing your tub is the perfect time to update your bathroom colors. 

In addition, tubs that are beginning to show signs of corrosion will very soon deteriorate the tub to the point you may have to have it torn out and replaced. Resurfacing your bathtub with our professional coating is a much quicker and affordable option. 

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Epoxy Flake & Polyurea Projects

We at Texas Diamondback provide customers with everything from simple to spectacular. Garage Floor Coatings, patio resurfacing, Kitchen Countertop remodels, interior floor coatings, pool deck resurfacing and more. Attractive concrete surfaces can transform any space and concrete resurfacing often adds value to the property. 

Durable Concrete Coatings

Make Concrete more durable and resistant. Exterior concrete in any region subject to freeze-thaw cycles, such as Texas, should be sealed. Concrete should also be sealed for abrasion resistance, stain resistance, dust reduction and to extend the life of the concrete surface. Our durable concrete sealers and coating make your surface stronger and more durable against the elements.  

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Interior and Exterior Floor Remodeling in Lubbock Texas. Acrylistian Decorative Concrete finish provides your home with rich, warm look of concrete staining with a tough as nails design and finish. Acrylistain withstands heavy traffic, stain resistant and abrasion resistance. Commercial and Residential applications with patterns, designs and textures to choose. Acrylistain’s acrylic cement provides a compression strength of over 5700 psi. Sign up today for a Free Estimate.

Trendy Home Floor Finish

Acrlystain is professionally installed with your choice of colors and styles, giving you a one of kind look that is all your own. Environmentally friendly products that are safe for your surrounding area. 

Acrylistain is an ideal choice for: 

  • Kitchens
  • Playrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Foyers
  • Living Areas
  • Commercial Properties
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Pool Decks
Carved Acrylistain Decorative Concrete Coatings Restore Cracks in Old Concrete

3 year warranty

Acrylistain Resurfacing

CTi’s Acrylistain System provides your home with the rich, warm look of concrete stain while giving your floors a tough as nails protective coating that will withstand heavy traffic, and stains, and keep its luster for years.

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Thinking outside the box is a great way to improve your living space without breaking the bank. Your budget is important and making affordable improvements is a smart way to improve your home

1. Strategic planning

From Design to Implementation. We work with our customers to create the colors and patterns desired. 

2. 360 Solutions

Solutions To Improve Your Living Space. Creating Gorgeous Countertops and Concrete Floors. Colors that compliment your home. 

3 . vision creation

Limitless Options Await. With the number of products and color options that we offer, we are sure to create a design that is all your own. 

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