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Bathtub & Shower Reglaze

Have you noticed wear and tear on your old bathtub lately? Maybe the shower or even the vanity? Stains and rust in at bathtub can only get worse with time. Sometimes cleaning an old tub doesn’t help with ugly stains that seam to only get worse. Stains between the shower tile are just as bad and make the entire room look terrible. 

Consider reglazing your bathtub and refinishing your shower wall. Maybe even the countertops. Reglazing your bathroom will bring these surfaces back to a fresh, new look. Clean and much easier to care for! 

Bathtub and Shower reglazing is definitely worth the money. Weather your considering selling your home or you want at bathroom you and your family will enjoy, refinishing makes a tremendous difference. Turning your old worn bathtub back to its like new finish. 

Changing outdated bathroom colors? 

Another excellent reason to refinish a bathtub, shower or counter is to change the outdated colors. The old yellow, blue and orange tile and tubs from the 70’s are no longer attractive to most homeowners. Or home buyers. Refinishing those surfaces will make a drastic change to your bathroom for sure. 

Will a refinished bathtub last? 

The answer is “Yes” if the bathtub reglazing is installed professionally with premium coatings.

Homeowners should consider the refinishing of old, worn-out surfaces before paying the expense of replacement. It may save your remodel budget in a big way. 

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Bathtub, Shower & Vanity Refinishng

Transform and update your bathroom, kitchen or shower in your home or business. We create a bright, clean surface in any public or commercial space. 

Virtually any hard surface can be professionally refinished by our trained, professional staff.  For a fraction of the cost and time of a renovation, with no tear out or down-time. Professional refinishing with the highest quality and most durable coatings. Book your Free Estimate today. 

Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub and Vanity Refinishing
Resurfacing Bathtubs in Lubbock Texas
Best Walk In Shower Resurfacing with Tile Colors

Bathtub Reglazing In As Little As 1-Day

Get Bathtub Resurfacing From Trusted Local Professionals. Get an Estimate Today. Coatings for Bathtub, Backsplash, Shower and Floors. Affordable updates that will renew and transform your bathroom. Bright, clean colors. 

Bathroom bathtub reglazing and quality refinishing actually restores the surface of your existing tub, making it look and feel like the original porcelain. Resurfacing is great for outdated colors or discolored, original tubs. Even if your bathtub isn’t original, the tub and backspash can still be resurfaced to compliment your choice of colors and decor.
Is a traction / non slip bathtub important to you? Resurfacing has the look and feel of porcelain… which is super smooth and glossy. Ask  about our optional Non Slip Bathtub Treatment. Highly recommended for elderly or anyone prone to fall.   
Our professional bathtub resurfacing will transform a bathtub to “like-new” condition without the mess, hassle, and costs of a renovation project. Better still, often the bathtub is ready for use in as little as 24 hours after coating.

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Bathtub Reglazing with Coating in Lubbock TX
Best Bathtub Resurfacing in Lubbock Texas
Find Best Bathtub Reglazing in Lubbock Texas

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