Spraymark Pool Deck Resurfacing

Spraymark Lubbock Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing System. 

CTi’s Spraymark System is a durable, high-tech coating. Spraymark is created with Acrylic Modified Cement. Spraymark is easy to maintain and cooler than concrete pool decks and patios. Both beautiful and affordable, protecting the concrete pool deck or patio from staining, mold and mildew. A pool deck coating that can be enjoyed for years to come.  A great pool deck restoration option that helps meet your budget.

With Spraymark Lubbock Pool Deck Resurfacing, the pool deck surface is prepared, profiled and cleaned thoroughly. Proper preparation is a must and ensures a quality concrete surface coating

The Spraymark System is created with Acrylic Modified Cement. We spray the concrete pool deck with the Spraymark product, creating a beautiful texture over the entire concrete surface. Finally we finish off the Spraymark System with two coats of Color Integrated CTi Acrylic 150 Sealer. 

Our CTi sealer re-emulsifies the Spraymark Coating and draws our product down into the concrete. The sealer actually creates a powerful molecular bond with the underlying concrete slab. Spraymark creates a finished surface that is twice as strong as the concrete. 

Concrete Resurfacing with the CTi Spraymark System is designed to meet your budget, yet provide a durable, beautiful coating for you and your family.