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Best Ideas for Adding Value to your Kitchen or Bath

When it comes to adding value to your home, think about remodeling and renovation projects. Not all projects will add value to your space. Whether you hope to refinance the home, build some equity, or you want to sell it later, there are some projects that can add a lot of value compared to the amount you put into them. Two key areas to focus on are the kitchen and the bathroom. The right changes here can really give you a great deal of value.

Update the Cabinetry

In both the bathroom and kitchen, the cabinetry is one of the main focal points. As soon as someone walks in the space, the tone is set based on the color, style, and condition of the cabinets within it. You can replace them with a more modern version, stain them or otherwise change up the look and feel. For smaller spaces, move away from darker colors. Instead, use white or off-white colors to add an open feel. And, don’t forget the detailing. The hardware and even the design work on the cabinetry really helps add value to the space.

The Flooring

The floors are an important component to any living space. Many times, the floors are often forgotten about in a remodel. You can replace them with a material that you love – from wood to ceramic tile. You can invest a bit more in stone flooring, too. The key here is to ensure the flooring quality matches the surroundings. If you plan to install marble countertops, up the grade on the flooring, you install as well.

Think About Countertops

The countertop is one of the most functional spaces in the kitchen and bathroom. This is where you want to put in some extra money because it can add a great deal to your budget and to your overall appeal. The key here is not to overdo it, though. Again, you want the quality of the flooring, countertops, and cabinetry to match. If you are investing in real wood cabinets, go for a quartz or marble countertop. Stone flooring can be matched with a similar tone and style countertop.

Lighting Upgrades

A surefire way to add value to a space is to make it more functional. To do that, you need more lighting. There are various ways that you can add lighting to your kitchen – such as under cabinet lighting, pendant lights over your island, and even fans. In the bathroom, think about lighting the vanity and tub areas. Add several areas of lighting in a larger bath.

Add Space

One of the best ways to add value is also one of the hardest ways to do so. Adding floor space to your kitchen or bathroom, especially if they are already small, is a critical way to add lots of storage and room to move. You may be able to expand into a bedroom or other living space that is slightly larger. Be sure to talk to your appraiser about the need for a larger kitchen and bathroom compared to the cost.

Adding value to your kitchen or bathroom does not have to be hard to do. Small changes can even make a big impact. Your goal, though, is to ensure that you invest in quality workmanship and components to achieve the very best value possible.

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