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Transform Your Concrete and Create Stunning Looks

Commercial and Residential Concrete Staining Services. Concrete staining technologies and finishing techniques have turned the page on the aesthetics of concrete. Concrete floors can be colored to provide vibrant looks. 

Acid stain, Water Base Stains, Concrete Dyes, Colored Concrete Sealers, and Solvent Antiquing products are a few options for beautifying the approach to your home indoors and out. The exterior entry of your home is the first aspect your friends and family see when they visit. Patio Living Areas are an excellent space to spend your time and entertain friends. But often many people don’t consider the benefits of finishing the concrete floor withcolor and a protective concrete sealer. 

Lubbock's Indoor Concrete Staining for Kitchen and Living Room Homes

Concrete Staining Before and After

Acid Stain Concrete Before Picture
Lubbock TX Patio Concrete Acid Stain Flooring

Staining Concrete Floors 

Concrete Acid Staining is an affordable way to transform a space, indoors or out. When it comes to unique and personal home or office floor options, staining concrete is an excellent choice. If you are looking for a look that is custom and one of a kind, concrete acid stain colors and dyes are an affordable way to go. Great for home and business flooring. Acid stained concrete floors make a room stand out. Stained concrete floors are fun and functional. Durable and long lasting. A great alternative to wood, tile or carpeting. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful as well.  


Concrete Staining for Business and Residential in Lubbock TX

Creating stained concrete floors and counter tops is a creative art. We can use a variety of different colors and blend of colors. Creating a different effect from gray industrial modern appeal to an old-world beauty with browns and reds creating a sense of the rugged and natural outdoors. Saw patterns can be implemented as well, creating a specific design or style. 

Once the flooring is colored, the acid stained concrete is finished with a protective high-grade acrylic sealer that enhances the appearance and protects the flooring. Texture and color enhancing sealers add both beauty and durability. Chemical and abrasion resistant. 

Your concrete can boast a one of a kind, authentic colored finish regardless if it was finished smooth with a smooth trowel or with a texture and pattern.

Beautiful Acid Stain Concrete

Staining concrete floors is both beautiful and a cost effective choice for floor coatings. We also offer an acid-based gel of minerals and acid designed for concrete walls, borders, columns or other similar projects. No drips and mess. A beautiful option for concrete cinder block walls.

Did you know that stained concrete could look so great? Contact us in Lubbock Texas for a Free Estimate on your interior or exterior concrete stain projects. 


Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Surface preparation for concrete is just as important as the application of our concrete staining products. Dirt and Oil can create barriers between concrete stain and the treated substrate. Whether indoors or out, we take the proper steps to insure the concrete floors are profiled and clean before applying product. Preparation is often overlooked by many, but professional installation of flooring products require the extra time spent. We begin every project by preparing the concrete for the coating materials. 
Concrete Sealers for Indoor and Outdoor Home in Lubbock
Color Integrated Sealer for Pool Deck Concrete in Lubbock
Concrete Staining Floors in Lubbock Texas by Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing

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