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The 2023 Guide to Understanding Bathtub Refinishing

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The 2023 Guide to Understanding Bathtub Refinishing

Ever since the inception of pop culture, bathtubs have been a symbol of luxury. The bathtub, with its deep, undying appeal and amenities of all shapes and sizes, gives way to comfort and relaxation.

As it stands, this item is a major investment for any household — but did you know that refinishing your current bathtub can give you better results than buying a new model?

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at bathtub refinishing and help you understand how this simple process can save you money.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub reglazing, is a rejuvenating process for bathtubs that have seen better days. This approach breathes new life into your old tub by addressing common issues like chips and rust coating its surface.

Bathtubs, unfortunately, age just like everything else and, over time, can lose their charm and appeal due to outdated colors or wear and tear.

Ideally, the bathtub refinishing process repairs these imperfections and reapplies a fresh coating. The result? Restored shine and an almost like-new appearance of what once was an old and worn-out tub.

Bathtub refinishing is for you if you’re:

  • A homeowner looking for a quick upgrade,

  • A proactive flipper or remodeller giving a house a fresh makeover,

  • Preparing to sell a house and need to add appeal to your bathroom.

Benefits of Bathtub Resurfacing

Thinking about giving your bathtub a makeover? Here are some cool reasons why resurfacing is a smart pick:

  • Saves You Money: Let’s face it, replacing your entire tub isn’t cheap. Resurfacing solves the problem without emptying your wallet. You cut costs on buying a new tub and avoid both the hassle and cost of replacing tiles or panels.

  • Good for the Planet: Instead of tossing out your old tub, why not breathe new life into it? Resurfacing is a green thumbs-up that puts less junk in landfills. Score one for Mother Nature – and your bank account!

  • It’s Not Just for Tubs: This resurfacing thing works great on other stuff, too. Old sinks or beat-up vanities? They can all be made to look like new without buying replacements.

  • Longer Tub Life: Do it right, and your resurfaced tub can last another 10 to 15 years. Yeah, you read that right. Plus, it’s like getting a new tub without the sticker shock.

  • Stops the Lead: Bathtubs that were made before 1984 might have dangerous lead in them. When you get your tub resurfaced, it seals up any lead and keeps it away from your family.

So there you have it. Bathtub resurfacing is a no-brainer, right? You save money, spruce up your bathroom, protect your health, and do Mother Earth a solid.

When Should You Consider Getting Your Tub Refinished?

Knowing when to seek professional help for refinishing your tub can make a world of difference. Look out for these signs that indicate it’s time to breathe new life into your bathtub:

  • Noticeable chips, cracks, or rust tarnishing its surface,

  • The shine has disappeared, leaving behind a dull appearance,

  • The tub’s style clashes with your bathroom’s updated design,

  • You desire a bathtub makeover, but buying a new one isn’t within financial reach.

Ultimately, if your everyday bath experience is no longer pleasant, it’s worth investing in tub refinishing.

Refinishing More Than Just Tubs

But wait, the magic of refinishing isn’t reserved for bathtubs alone! Many elements of a home can benefit from this impressive process. Refinishing services can also work wonders for:

  • Showers,

  • Tiles,

  • Backsplashes,

  • Countertops, and

  • Worn out vanity units.

Best Bathtub Resurfacing in Lubbock Texas
Bath Backsplash Resurfacing in Lubbock

The Best Choice For Your Bathtub Refinishing Project

When it comes to bathtub refinishing, it’s important to choose a company that knows what they’re doing. A company like Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing. With us, the entire process typically takes about 2 to 3 days, which includes cleaning, repairing, refinishing, and drying time.

Our skilled team works quickly and efficiently to deliver fantastic results while minimizing disruption in your daily life.

So, if you notice signs of wear and tear, such as chipping, fading, or dullness, trust Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing to transform your bathtub into the gleaming centerpiece of your bathroom once again.

Contact us today to get your bathtub refinished by professionals.

Lubbock Kitchen Countertop Remodel by Texas Diamondback

Types of Kitchen Countertops and Remodeling Design Ideas

Kitchen Countertop Remodel Designs

Kitchen Countertops can make a big difference in interior design, and there are several options to choose from. Before a renovation, you should review the top ten materials and determine what styles suit your needs. Granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, butcher block, and epoxy coatings are popular countertop materials. You can also choose tile, stainless steel, laminate, concrete, and other solid surfaces. Here’s an overview of the top kitchen countertops and remodeling design ideas: 

Kitchen Countertops Resurfacing with Quartz, Marble, Soapstone and Granite Color Designs

Types of Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops can be distinguished by the types of materials used in the design. Granite, Marble, and Quartz are the three most popular options and have been trending for more than a decade. However, homeowners have a wide range of materials to choose from, including Soapstone, Butcher Block, and Epoxy Coatings. Natural stones like granite are considered the premium choice for luxurious designs and high-end aesthetics.

Granite excavation yields unique patterns and characteristics, and most countertops are available in limited numbers. Granite is also 100% natural and is quarried from the ground, cut into size, and polished for the final appearance. Quartz and marble also offer natural stone with a few additives to fix the inherent shortcomings of ground-quarried stones. Each material has unique pros and cons, so it’s vital to review every option before installation.

Current Trends for Kitchen Counters

Trends keep changing, so it’s advisable to install functional countertops that meet your needs for longevity and aesthetics. Working with a reputable remodeling company will help you incorporate interesting trends while achieving a fully-customized installation tailored for your preferences. Here are five current trends for kitchen counters:

a) Quartz Countertops

Quartz has made a tremendous resurgence among homeowners and is among the trendiest kitchen countertop option at the moment. Like Marble and Granite, it offers stunning aesthetics and 100% customization. It is also a natural stone with reinforcements to increase longevity, functionality, and visual appeal. Many homeowners also choose quartz because it is affordable than other natural stone materials like granite.

Kitchen Counter Tops in Lubbock Texas

b) Honed and Mate Finishes

Shiny, glossy, and polished countertops dominated the trends for a long time. However, there has been a recent shift with more homeowners going for honed and matte finishes for a difference. Honed finishes are still soft and sealed but look more natural and texture-rich. The finish is available across granite, quartz, marble, and other materials. As such, homeowners have remarkable flexibility concerning the appearance and materials, with options from total matte to light reflection and everything in between. 

Kitchen Countertop Remodeling in Lubbock Texas

c) Waterfall Island Countertop

The waterfall island countertop isn’t a novel concept, but the trend has undoubtedly picked in recent months and is set to remain moving forward. It offers a centerpiece oozing elegance and luxury. The waterfall effect is stylish and extends the luxurious nature of the material in a clean, neat design. It is considered a showstopper and a great solution for protecting your installation and cabinets. 

d) Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

More people are pondering installing a kitchen countertop in their backyard, and the trend has picked up since 2020. Outdoor counters are precisely what the name suggests; installed outside, so they are an option if you want additional kitchen counters and have extra backyard space. You can use all kinds of materials, including natural stone, tile, and concrete. However, outdoor counters come with added maintenance, such as sealing and weather protection.

Marble Countertops in Lubbock Texas

Kitchen Countertop Remodel Ideas

Installing new countertops is one way to give your kitchen a facelift, but you don’t always need a huge investment. Painted improvements and laminates are just as exciting as new installations if handled by a professional. Below are three countertop ideas to think about when looking to remodel your kitchen:

• Save More with Modular Granite – Offers a compromise between slab granite and tile granite and provides an excellent solid surface. Modular granite is also more affordable than standard granite and comes with a unique, customizable installation process.

• High Definition Laminate – If you can’t afford premium granite designs, you can at least attempt to replicate their appearance with high definition laminate. Go for designs resembling natural granite without the repetitive patterns of popular laminates.

• Poured Epoxy Counters – Epoxy isn’t your average solid surface counter. It is poured in a liquid state and cools into a shiny, aesthetic surface with unique design elements. Epoxy Countertops provide a non-porous surface with no seams. You can choose amazing colors to match your kitchen décor and cabinets.

Kitchen Remodel with Countertops in Lubbock Texas

Working with a Kitchen Renovators

There are various kitchen renovation ideas and options, and you can easily customize any design to suit your needs. You should work with a reliable kitchen renovation company to achieve high-quality installation and create your vision to perfection. You can contact Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing to start planning your kitchen renovation. 

Find Inspiration

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2021 Lubbock Parade of Homes

Parade Of Homes July 17th 2021

Parade of Homes Lubbock

Are you in the market for a new home? Or maybe you are interested in gaining more clients. The 2021 Lubbock Parade of Homes is a great spot to meet, mingle, network and see all the latest designs from top Lubbock builders.

A perfect event for families, the Parade of Homes ticket prices range from $15 for adults to $5 for children 12 years old and under. Infants of two years old and under get free admission. This year, the Parade of Homes runs from July 17 to August 1. It operates from 6 PM to 9 PM on weekdays, from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays, and from 1 PM to 6 PM on Sundays.

On July 17, 2021, the Parade of Homes in Lubbock, Texas, will showcase several beautiful houses in the Lubbock area. One of the presenting homes features a garage with Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing’s speciality exotic floor coating. Our silver stream garage floor coating created the luxury “trophy car garage” feature of Elite Homes’ listing in this year’s Parade of Homes. The blend of polyurea with epoxy flakes creates a gorgeous finish to any garage floor, and the silver stream color adds a cool aesthetic reminiscent of a luxury vehicle showroom.

Your Home Tells a Story

At Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing, we believe that “your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” One way to do that is by making your luxury automobiles visually pop against the textured look of our high-quality garage floor coatings. Improving garage floor finishes can also dramatically increase the market value of your home.

The coating blend of polyurea with epoxy flakes adds twenty years on average to the life of your garage floor. And the durable finish resists cracks, chemicals and UV rays. The polyurea blend lets you avoid the maintenance hassle that comes with traditional garage floors. This durable impact-resistant coating is not only great for garages.  This advanced technology also works well in nightclubs, gyms and commercial retail spaces. Allow our professional installation crew to set up your exotic garage floor coating today.

Best Epoxy Garage Floors
Lubbock Parade of Homes

Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing

Best Garage Floor Coating of 2021

Garage floors need to be tough spaces, more so than almost any other floor in the home. On a regular basis, they need to handle the weight of vehicles weighing hundreds or even thousands of pounds and also be capable of absorbing the brunt of leaking oils, gasoline and other highly toxic chemicals. Then of course there is the sheer use many garages take in terms of tools and tool boxes moved around or large objects being dropped.

Even if your garage floor is a solid slab of fully cured, professionally installed concrete, sooner or later, it’s going to start wearing out. At the very least, its rather absorbent concrete surface will slowly turn into a landscape of stains and cracks that ruin visual uniformity.

There are solutions though, and they’re robustly durable, highly protective and easy to install. One of the most recent and notable of these is called polyaspartic polyurea coating.

What is polyaspartic polyurea?

Prior to polyaspartic polyurea, one of the most common garage floor coating substances was epoxy resin cured with polyamine hardener. It’s tough, durable and thermosets to a long-lasting corrosion-resistant finish. However, it offers certain difficulties and weaknesses.

As a superior alternative, polyaspartic polyurea has entered the market. This hard-setting resin is derived from polyurethane instead of epoxin, and is also formulated for application through a 2-part mixing process that creates a rapidly setting liquid.

Polyaspartic polyurea can be used on concrete garage floors of any kind or size for rapid coverage in a densely protective layer of long-lasting material. It can also easily be leveled out to cover imperfections in existing floors. The polyaspartic polyurea resin itself is 100% UV light resistant as well, which makes it ideal for sun rooms, pool edges, outdoor concrete floors or garages that get exposed to lots of natural sunlight. It can also be applied effectively to other heavy-use spaces such as commercial kitchens, gym floors and storage basements.

What makes polyaspartic polyurea coating superior?

Polyurea is sometimes more expensive than epoxy, but there are several good reasons for this. This hard-setting floor coating is over 4 times stronger and up to 98% more flexible than epoxy. polyaspartic polyurea Also happens to be as much as 300% more elastic, which makes it ideal for application on concrete that expands or contracts a lot due to temperature changes.

Another major benefit of polyaspartic polyurea is that it offers superior resistance to chemical attack from corrosive substances that easily reach your garage floor. These include lubricants, fuel mixes, gasoline, battery acid, salt and de-icing liquids. Epoxy also resists such chemicals quite well but unlike polyaspartic polyurea, it’s much more prone to becoming stained by regular spills from these substances.

Even in terms of heat and UV resistance, polyaspartic polyurea is a stronger performer. Epoxy coatings resist ultraviolet light quite well, but they can fade over time. Polyurea will not. Furthermore, a common problem of epoxy floor coatings in garages is their tendency to leave deposits of film on hot tires passing over them. Polyaspartic coatings resist this kind of slow damage much more rigorously.

Finally, while polyaspartic polyurea has to be applied professionally due to its extremely fast setting time, it can be applied very quickly and will be ready for use after just one day. A trained professional can coat your garage floor with two to three coatings that are fully firm for use the next morning. By contrast, epoxy requires several days to fully cure.

The flexibility of polyaspartic coatings also extends to when they can be paid down: While epoxy can’t be applied in cold below 55 Fahrenehit, polyaspartic polyurea presents no problems with being blended and placed between ambient temperatures of -30 Fahrenheit and up to 140 Fahrenheit.

Aesthetic Flexibility

On a final notepolyaspartic polyurea can be formulated to take on a wide range of colors and textures. Uniform natural-looking color blends such as greystone, brownstone, terrazzo and other tones are just some possible choices, while epoxy flakes can also be added for unique textures and color blends. For an estimate that’s carefully tailored to your specific floor coating needs, contact Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing.

Garage Floor Coatings

Advantages of Polyurea With Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings

Advantages of Polyurea With Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings

Floors remain among the most disregarded areas of a residential or commercial property. Unfortunately, these floors often require attention due to frequent traffic and chemical spills. For this reason, you need a tough garage floor coating that can withstand heavy weights while enhancing your safety. However, with many innovative floor coating systems available in the industry, it is often challenging to choose a state-of-of-the-art garage floor coating you can trust.

Advantages of Polyurea With Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings

Polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings give you a system with infinite possibilities of creative imaginations. The coatings create an easy to maintained and attractive floor that appeals to your preference. Here are some advantages you get for choosing polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings:

1. Professionally installed

Polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings give you an exotic style. However, to capture the intended visual effects and find the correct color mix, you may require professional help. Our team will help appreciate Polyurea’s undulations and illusions of craters on different floors. While these coatings remain sticky, professionals apply quality-controlled processes to ensure that the coat settles and the flakes match your preference pattern.

2. Ideal for Diverse Floors

Considering its durability and ease of cleaning, Polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings remain ideal for car showrooms, garage floors, home gyms, commercial space, and nightclubs requiring heavy-duty floors.

3. Extremely Durable

Highly durable constituent components such as polyurethane resins in the polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings make the product extremely durable. The possibility of having crevices and cracks with polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings is minimal. You get a long-term floor protection barrier for your concrete floor.

4. Impact Resistant

If you plan to install floor coatings for a high traffic area, you consider polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings. These coatings give you a non-slip floor that remains resistant to impact and abrasion damages. Residential and commercial building owners that require tough, durable, long-lasting floor coatings should choose polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings. The coatings also remain resistant to peeling and patching.

5. Easy to Maintain.

Polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings are easy to clean, making them a low-maintenance option. They remain among the easiest floor to clean whether you are using a pressure washer or a floor brush. Remain assured that you will love these products for that hassle-free maintenance alternative. These floor coatings do not require constant re-coating that may remain costly for large-scale users. They can also withstand exposure to chemicals and sunlight for an extended period without losing their initial look.

6. High Gloss Coating Looks Great for Years to Come

A top coating of the Polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings assumes a wet look that remains appealing for years. Besides, polyurea’s water or chemical resistance, in addition to UV resistance, enhances coating’s color retention for years.

7. Average 20 Years Lifespan

These garage floor coatings come with a lifespan that reassures you of their quality. With an expected life of a Polyurea with Epoxy Flake floor of up to 20-25 years, be assured of your safety.

8. Attractive and Decorative Finishes

The ultimate coat textures obtained from the embedded flakes in polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings remain unmatched. You get a comprehensive option of colored flakes for flake floor finishes.

On the Bottom Line: Get Your Floor Finishes Professionally Installed

We can assure you that the polyurea with epoxy flake floor coatings remains among the industry’s longest-lasting and quality floor finishes today. Get in touch with our dedicated flooring expert for your floor coating needs today!

Polyurea with Epoxy Flake Floor Coatings
Different Types of Penetrating Concrete Densifiers and Concrete Polishing

Different Types of Penetrating Concrete Densifiers and Polishing Concrete

Densifier Technology

Silicate concrete sealers are concrete densifiers. Silicates are commonly classified as densifiers, or concrete hardeners, because as they react with the concrete surface, they form serve to further densify and harden the concrete surface.

Concrete hardeners and densifiers provide benefits including concrete surface hardening, concrete dust proofing and concrete floor sealing. When the chemical process takes place between the silicate concrete sealer and the Portland cement in the concrete substrate crystals are formed that fill up the empty pores in the concrete. The concrete is hardened and densified in the process.

Densifiers are applied to the point of saturation, including lithium and colloidal silica. Densifiers penetrate into the surface of the concrete where they chemically react to form a permanent calcium silicate hydrate barrier in the pores of the cement surface. Potassium and sodium silicate sealers can leave behind high levels of silica glass residue.  Waiting for the reaction to take place before cleaning the residue is very timely and labor intensive. If residue is allowed to harden it can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Lithium silicates reaction is quicker and leaves less residue when used to point of saturation. Little to no cleaning may be required. As the CSH forms within the pores, the density of the concrete increases and the size of the pores decrease.

Benefits of silicate densifier include:

  • Silicate sealers help to reduce concrete “dusting” by sealing and increasing the surface strength and provide abrasion resistance of concrete.
  • Silicate concrete sealers won’t change the look or color of the concrete.
  • Traditional densifiers use potassium, sodium or lithium as the carrier and stabilizer for the silica portion of the silicates. They restrict water and chemical absorption.
  • Densifiers are applied during concrete polishing.
  • Silicate sealers help to increase the strength of the concrete by up to 45%.
  • Silicate sealers help to reduce the movement of water and moisture through pores within the concrete.
  • When the concrete floor is polished, the polished appearance will improve the look of the surface and make the concrete surface easier to clean and maintain. Using colors with penetrating sealers produce a transparent or translucent finish.

The two best types of silicate concrete sealers are sodium and lithium silicates. It is important to understand that all silicate sealers spark the same chemical reaction and leave behind the same CSH structure. They simply differ in how fast they achieve the CSH formation on various concrete surfaces.

Want a polished floor that simply refines the surface and provides a nice finish in Lubbock Texas?

Polished and Densifier Concrete Floors are Great for:

  • Garages
  • ShopsgWarehouses
  • Basements
  • Restaurants
  • Retail

Adopted by many Lubbock retailers as their floor of choice. Contact Texas Diamondback Concrete Resurfacing.